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Yuleletter 2013

Dear Yulegoat,

Hi! Thank you for writing a story for me! In this letter, I want to give you a sense of what I like about the fandoms and characters I’ve requested as well as some more general tropes/plot devices/themes I like to read about. I'm pretty easy to please, I think, even though there are lots of details and ideas here. As is hopefully clear, I'm just using the letter to throw out suggestions; if something else tickles your fancy, chase it right down that rabbit hole.

In general, I like the following things: forced proximity, curtain fic/domestic fic, hurt/comfort, apocalypse/post-apocalyptic fic, class issues (especially if the families of the characters are very different), friends-with-benefits becoming something more, open endings, family dynamics, traveling, the importance of home, ethical quandaries, and first times.

Except for Little Mosque, you’re welcome to kill any character so long as it’s not one I requested. The residents of Mercy are immortal, as far as I'm concerned. :)

Generally, I don’t like, or am not interested in, the following things: lots of schmoopiness*, grimdark edginess, porn without plot, rape/non-con, dub-con (except where both people are tipsy/drunk and then don’t know what to do the next day), most hardcore kink (light bondage/restraint is fine), kid fic/next gen/pregnancy fic*, on-screen wedding ceremonies or marriage proposals* (being engaged or married is fine).

* exception: Little Mosque on the Prairie

You may want to check out my bookmarks on AO3 to get a sense of what I enjoy reading. A lot of it is longfic, but don't feel pressured!

On to the fandoms!

Characters: Marcus Bell, Joan Watson

Original Request: I have a major soft spot for Bell/Watson. Feel free to go gen or het, PG- or X-rated, getting-together or established-relationship, casefic or character study, according to your tastes. I especially want to know more about Bell – why is he a cop? What is his family/background/history like? What does he think of his job? How does he balance his personal life with his job (or does he)? Maybe they have to work on a case together without Sherlock because he’s indisposed, maybe Sherlock senses their mutual attraction and tries to set them up, maybe one of them gets injured and the other takes care of them and they get to know each other better. I’d like to see more of Watson’s family, too, if possible.

Additional Notes: There's not a lot to add here. I like Joan's eagerness to learn and do well at her new job as well as her reservation about her personal life and interests, and I'd like to know more about how she sees herself in relation to her family. One thing that I'd like to see more on the show is to have Bell show up Sherlock once in a while. As much as I love Sherlock, he's gotta be annoying sometimes, and I sympathize with Bell's mild-but-sort-of-fond antagonism.

Little Mosque on the Prairie
Characters: Sarah Hamoudi, Yasir Hamoudi

Original Request: I’d like to see Sarah and Yasir get back together somehow. Maybe Yasir decides to come back to Mercy for a silly made-up reason, maybe he finds excuses to delay (meaning keep working on) a job that keeps him in touch with Sarah, maybe they start seeing each other but sneak around so as not to get Rayyan’s hopes up or because it’s more exciting that way. Alternatively (or additionally), I’d also like to know more about their backstory – how did they meet? How did Sarah decide to convert and what was it like? I love stories about people traveling together, too, and it sounds like they did some of that. Feel free to include any other resident of Mercy, especially if they’re meddling.

Additional Notes: This show is my happy place. It’s such a light, cheery, and smart show. It’s just so unfailingly upbeat about the power of people to resolve problems, overcome differences, and be flawed but well-intentioned and lovable. It’s what makes me think the world, and the people in it, are basically good. Which is why I was so disappointed with the Sarah/Yasir situation. I know it was a necessary choice from a production standpoint because of Carlo Rota’s projects, but it was a mystifying and frustrating decision coming from his character, who doesn’t seem like the kind of man to just abandon his wife and daughter, even for his mother/homeland. If coming up with an explanation/rationalization (even a not-very-good one) is possible, I’d love to hear about it, just so it makes more sense in my head. For this fandom, I’m more than happy to make an exception to the no-weddings/proposals-onscreen request; if Yasir and Sarah had some kind of re-commitment ceremony and/or if you wanted to write about his original proposal, I’d be thrilled.

몬스타 | Monstar (TV)
Characters: Kim Na Na, Jung Sun Woo

Original Request: ♥ THESE TWO! ♥ Friendship or het (though I prefer the latter), dark or light, any rating, either POV: anything is welcome. Since she comes from a gangster family and he’s apparently quite wealthy, it would be great to explore their class issues/conflicts (especially since I imagine she saw him as kind of an “escape” from her life). Other ideas: “ten years later,” being assigned to each other as study buddies/project partners (the jjak theme), her interest in fashion, and/or the use of her final date coupons. Other characters from the series welcome.

Additional Notes: Such an interesting mix of cynicism and optimism in this show! On the one hand, it really was a warmhearted show about the power of friendship. On the other, it didn't shy away from darker moments and more open/unresolved endings, which is part of what drew me in. Abuse, bullying, suicide, outcasts, retreating into fantasy – I actually would have liked more focus on these issues in the show. I’m especially interested in Na Na’s handling of her family and family life. They aren't wanting for money, I assume, but it’s a whole different world from the wealthy families we’re used to seeing in Kdramas. Also, I have to wonder if she came out with some weird ideas about relationships and sex, since her mother runs a room salon. Mostly, I want Na Na to come into herself and become independent from her family (and get what/who she wants), and I want Sun Woo to be more open and care more about things that affect other people (which he started doing … until that blasted finale). While I enjoyed the music on the show, feel free to include or ignore their musical talents or interests in the fic.

Once upon a Time in Wonderland
Characters: Alice, Cyrus

Original Request: I'd like to see some of Cyrus's and Alice's adventures and the development of their relationship. Feel free to play with the worldbuilding, other fairy tales, etc as per your interests - I love twisted fairytales and fairytale reinterpretations (obviously!). If you want to go darker, you might look at their relationship through the lens of Alice's memories during her stay in the asylum. I'd love some adventuring and exploration, and/or some fleshing out of their characters and personalities.

Additional Notes: Obviously I'm writing this having seen only one episode, so feel free to fudge with the canon and/or incorporate stuff from future episodes as you see fit. I liked the chemistry the two actors have so far, but they're also a bit young and awkward, which is fun and cute. I dig the collision of Aladdin with Alice in Wonderland here, so you might build on that. One story I've always wanted to see OUAT(IW) deal with is the Wizard of Oz, if that's your cup of tea. (I did notice that Alice mentioned something about having helped the Knave of Hearts find his heart - not sure what that means yet - something to build on?) Alternatively, I've always slavered at the mouth for OUAT(IW) to explore more non-Western European folk tales and stories. (Actual djinn (not just Disney genies)! Baba Yaga! Arabian Nights! The possibilities are endless!) I love the eerie, dangerous, dark vibe we've seen from Wonderland so far, as well as the absurdities of environments and characters in the original story. If you like, include any of the other characters from the original Alice in Wonderland story, OUATIW or the original OUAT, if you've seen it. (Whew, that was a mouthful.)

For those who were matched on a different prompt but would prefer to fulfill something else, this is by far the canon easiest to catch up on, since it will only be a few episodes in by the time we get assignments. If you don't watch the original OUAT, you don't have to worry about accidentally violating OUAT canon; I can keep them separate in my head.

The Unusuals
Characters: Allison Beaumont, Henry Cole

Original Request: I'd like to see Cole stop running from his past, maybe with help from Allison. I really like their dynamic together and how fond of each other they are, how they seem to take care of each other. But while I think refusing to face up to his past is a mistake, I admire his religious commitment and the changes he's made to himself and don't want to see those disappear. Any backstory about Navan and/or Frank would be welcome as well.

Additional Notes: To be clear, by "stop running from his past," I don't mean either "confess to everyone" or "become a criminal again." I mean something closer to reflecting on it, recognizing that person in himself still, and talking about it to others (might only be possible with Schraeger and/or Walsh, although his talking to Beaumont, even vaguely, about his history would be nice). I love the offbeat dynamic of the 2nd Precinct, and a more ensemble-focused story would be awesome here as well. There's not a character I'm uninterested in in The Unusuals, so heap 'em on if you like. If you are especially fond of any other characters, I'd be happy to see unexpected friendships/alliances develop here - Beaumont and Alvarez, for example, or Cole and Schraeger. Switching partners temporarily for some reason - that sounds fun. If you like writing casefic, especially the weird cases the 2nd seems to attract, I'd dig it; if you prefer something more introspective and serious, I'd dig that too! (Cole's apology in "The Apology Line" made me cry for real.) Canon significant others welcome, especially if there's more awkward sex advice--or any kind of advice really--from Allison to Cole's fiancee (lol).
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