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Nominations update

Sorry for my lateness! My dad got married this weekend, and I was a lot busier than I expected to be. I just have the last few nominations to clarify and then we'll hit the road with signups:

AU - Doppelganger Fusion: Does this refer to the 1993 movie?
Canon AU - Bucky's Recovery Is Not Easy doesn't seem like an AU. Without explanation, I'm planning to reject it.
Canon AU - Extremis regenerates: What does this mean/how is it an AU?
Canon AU - PTSD: What does this mean/how is it an AU?

And changes made:
Canon AU - Brock Takes Sam Prisoner changed to more general Canon AU - Character Taken Prisoner
AU - Victorian merged with AU - Regency to create AU - Regency/Victorian (I know they technically refer to different eras, but I've never seen an AU that was identifiably distinct)
Canon AU - Loki raised on Jotunheim: already covered by Canon AU - Jotun Loki
Canon AU - Thor is the Villain/Loki is the Hero already covered by Canon AU - Role Reversal
Canon AU - Bucky joins Agents of SHIELD team changed to more general Canon AU - Agents of SHIELD Team Composed Differently

Where I am now

This journal is mostly for commenting, now. You can find me being more active at my Dreamwidth and my Tumblr.

Yuleletter 2013

Dear Yulegoat,

Hi! Thank you for writing a story for me! In this letter, I want to give you a sense of what I like about the fandoms and characters I’ve requested as well as some more general tropes/plot devices/themes I like to read about. I'm pretty easy to please, I think, even though there are lots of details and ideas here. As is hopefully clear, I'm just using the letter to throw out suggestions; if something else tickles your fancy, chase it right down that rabbit hole.

In general, I like the following things: forced proximity, curtain fic/domestic fic, hurt/comfort, apocalypse/post-apocalyptic fic, class issues (especially if the families of the characters are very different), friends-with-benefits becoming something more, open endings, family dynamics, traveling, the importance of home, ethical quandaries, and first times.

Except for Little Mosque, you’re welcome to kill any character so long as it’s not one I requested. The residents of Mercy are immortal, as far as I'm concerned. :)

Generally, I don’t like, or am not interested in, the following things: lots of schmoopiness*, grimdark edginess, porn without plot, rape/non-con, dub-con (except where both people are tipsy/drunk and then don’t know what to do the next day), most hardcore kink (light bondage/restraint is fine), kid fic/next gen/pregnancy fic*, on-screen wedding ceremonies or marriage proposals* (being engaged or married is fine).

* exception: Little Mosque on the Prairie

You may want to check out my bookmarks on AO3 to get a sense of what I enjoy reading. A lot of it is longfic, but don't feel pressured!

On to the fandoms!
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